Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Recognition is always welcome!!!

Connor wrote his last prelim yesterday and after fetching him from school we stopped off at the shops to get dog food. 
We took a photo of the gorgeous sunset.
I was told by someone today that they "don't like it when I take photos" and although the comment hurt I reasoned with myself that I am not a photographer but a recorder of memories for myself!  The reason I blog and scrapbook is to record the memory not to showcase the perfect photo.  I also like to blog daily and the time that it takes to edit photos would mean that I only blog once in a while.  Ah well ... to each his own. 
So on to today's edition ...

Due to some really unwelcome changes at work, today was the last time I would spend time with the Rivonia Arterial Team as their HR Manager ~ Eddie had invited me to the Recognition Function for the team at the Lindt Chocolate Factory in the Design Quarter, Fourways. 

I popped into the office this morning to drop off some documents and was delighted to find my laptop in my cupboard which meant that the IT people had fixed it.  I logged on and downloaded my e-mails only to find a really unnecessarily rude e-mail from my boss which pressed all the wrong buttons (I am probably more sensitive than usual at the moment) so I packed up and drove through to Design Quarter and had coffee and a pastry at Vida e Caffe while reading mails.  Each time you put a tip in their tip box all the employees say "Obrigado" which is Portuguese for "Thank You".  They have a little in house magazine by the same name.

The rest of the team joined us around 10h30 and we had a coffee and then went through to the Chocolate Factory ... We wanted to take a photo outside but the security said we were not allowed to! So we went inside and took the photo. 
 This is my gorgeous friend Sam ~ These Lindor balls are her favourite choccies so I am sure she wished that that whole display was filled with choccies for her to take home!!!

Sam and Eddie
They served us real hot chocolate before we started the class.

And so we got started with our Master Chocolatier ...  I cannot remember his first name but do remember that his surname is Gaspar.

 Step 1 ... Boil cream (coconut milk/coconut cream) and glucose syrup constantly stirring to avoid it catching and burning until it boils ... take off the heat and add chocolate.  Stir until all the chocolate is melted ~ this is now a ganache which is left to cool and set in a plastic container (as plastic does not conduct heat it is the safest option) and covered with plastic wrap ... the plastic has to go on top of the chocolate not the container as the heat will cause it to sweat and chocolate and water do not mix.
Stevie (Branch Manager at Sandown) looks like he has done this before!!!

 Step 2 ... Agitation!  The set ganache is then folded until it thickens.  Cynthia from Sunninghill Branch was very happy to show us how the agitation method works.

 Step 3 ...  I think once the ganache is thickened it is then referred to as truffle.  This mixture is then  placed into a piping bag where it is piped either into a long roll or circular balls.

Here Zandie gives the piping a go ...
The master shows us how it should be done and it looks effortless!!!!
 Zandie gives Cynthia some advice on how to do the piping ...
 The shy chocolatier eventually allowed me to take a photo of her ...
Step 4 ... Once the rolled out truffle has had time to dry (about 3 hours) you then coat with the couverture (melted chocolate) and toss in covering (we did coconut, pistachio nuts and cocoa).

This is where the fun really starts ...
1.  Put on your gloves 
Eddie and Alvin (Team Leader at Sandton City)
 2.  Put your hands into the melted chocolate and coat the balls/logs ...

 NO SAMANTHA!!!!  Coat the truffles NOT your tongue!!!!!
Rashmi (Floor Manager @ Sandton) has got the procedure down pat!!!
 It was REALLY interesting to watch Ilse (Branch Manager @ Sandton) working in the 'kitchen'.
There is a possibility that we are going to lose Steve to the wonderful world of being a chocolatier!!!  He looks like an absolute natural!
 We each left with a box of 12 hand made chocolates and the recipes for them.
 We were then treated to lunch at
 I indulged in a Sirloin Salad ...
 After lunch Eddie honoured each of us with a beautiful certificate ...
I am always very honoured to be recognised for the contribution I make to the business.

What a wonderful day!!!!


  1. Life will be empty if we dont have memories to reflect on and photos is a vital link for our memories to last. So just ignore the rude comment!!!!! I have also been for a yummy workshop at DQ Lindt and your photo journal of your great tine there is awesome. Huge congrats on your well deserved award. Hope things are on an up soon.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Hi Desire, Thanks for your kind comments.

    I am hoping that when I get back from leave that I will be ready to face this new chapter ... perhaps I will find that elusive "Big Girl Pantie / Pill" combo at the sea!!! LOL!!! Lynn

    1. I think you did find those big girl panties by the sea lol. xxx
      {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. I was in chocoloate heaven!!!!! Thanks for your awesome blog :-)

  4. I enjoyed the second part of your post (chocolate is delicious!) but was saddened by the first part. Who can be against photography? Recording images from our lives is wonderful. And your sunset photo is exceptional. Sorry also about the rude e-mail from your boss.

  5. I am also a serial photo taker...and I really don't care if it irritates somebody else. It is a personal thing and I believe it is hurtful to tell you that. Ooohhhh, I wouldn't mind a visit to the chocolate factory....Lindt balls my favourite.