Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday night ...

signals the end of yet another weekend!  Thankfully it has been a really great weekend!

We had arranged to go to the Rooftop Market at Norwood Mall with our friends Mitch and Michelle.  They met us at our house at 08h30 and we drove through (getting lost along the way as we took the wrong off ramp off the highway!!!) and had breakfast at Food Lover's Market Café ... their food was REALLY yummy!!!
We then spent a wonderful time meandering through the market ~ The market used to be at the Rosebank Mall but has moved to Norwood and this was their second weekend there ~ I liked it more at Norwood than when it was at Rosebank as it used to be quite dark and dreary.  At Norwood it is light and airy and the stands are quite spacious.  I got a terrible hay-fever attack after walking past a stall selling spices and it continued through the day!!!
Richard and Mitch
Mitch and Michelle

My yummy breakfast of French toast with caramelised bananas and bacon
My gorgeous boy!
 I am amazed at the ingenuity of people ... here is a little 3 wheeler scooter van which has been converted into a coffee "shop" ... 
 Connor bought a Diablo ... which is a skill toy similar to an 'off string' yoyo ... This young guy is phenomenal with his tricks and I am sure Connor will be really soon as well.
 Michelle and I stood for a while watching a gentleman make a glass bead ... he lives in Sasolburg and comes through to the market to sell his handmade bead products which he has been doing for 6 years.  While making this bead he explained to us what he was doing ... Michelle is very interested in doing this and this only made her desire to get started stronger ... she is a very creative young lady. 
When we were done strolling around we popped into the Food Lover's Market on the way out the centre and Connor was over the moon to find these containers of Jelly Belly ... I spent a small fortune on these sweets however they were MUCH cheaper than when we buy them in the 100g packets!
Heaven ... I'm in heaven and it looks like Liquorice Jelly Beans ....
When you guy a packet of these sweets they are around R30 for 100g!!!

On our way home Richard asked if we wanted to go and have a look at 44 Stanley which is in Milpark ... this is one of those places that people go to "to be seen".
The little shops had really interesting wares but they were horrendously expensive however it was really interesting seeing what is out there.  We strolled around looking in all the shops and then took a leisurely drive back home.
We spent a quiet afternoon at home ... and after dinner watched Strictly Come Dancing and now I am off to watch Downton Abbey ... Can't wait to see what happens this week!!!!
Hope you have all had a restful weekend and are ready for the week ahead.
Any shop that looks like it may have a book in it calls Connor's name.
At the end of one passage was a little coffee shop which was unfortunately not open ... it is GORGEOUS 


  1. I'm putting a visit to the new venue on my 'go take a peek' list.

  2. Awesome market and photo journal.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  3. You guys really get around. Love the look ofmthe French toast.