Saturday, 7 September 2013

Boys and Guns!!!

These are targets
My gorgeous nephew Liam's birthday was in July however today he had his birthday party ... I felt sorry for Wendy have a whole host of 13 year old boys running around her house and topped off with my 18 year old son.  Connor spent the night with them on Friday and I am pretty sure that mayhem ensued on Saturday.

On my way home from lunch I went past to fetch Connor and the party was wrapping up and I managed to take some photos of him and Liam ... And of course they had to do some poses for me!!!

James Bond and his side-kick

I was in desperate need of a hair cut and got an appointment for late Friday afternoon ... Here I am with Liam (the after) and below (the before).


  1. I am always blessed by the special relationship between cousins.