Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Yesterday I was in Morningside and Richard was stuck in v/d Bijl so I asked my little sister Wendy if she could help me out and fetch Connor after his exam which finished at 12 ~ thankfully she was able to help and when I popped past her house to fetch Connor she gave me a beautiful selection of fruits to make a fruit salad ... I had some of it after dinner last night with custard and then some more for breakfast with vanilla yoghurt (yummy!!!!!!).  When I was leaving her house I saw these leaves in a heart shape and of course had to share it with you.
I was devastated last night to watch the last ever episode of Flashpoint!  I have absolutely loved this show and sat glued to the TV on a Monday night for 2 hours while 2 episodes aired.  Rookie Blue sure will not have me sitting there on a Monday night.
This morning I was out the door and off to Carletonville ... It has been years since I was last there so I had to put on my GPS ... although I did first check my human GPS' directions before leaving the house.  It was a lovely drive out there and I saw this stunning sunrise as I got onto the highway ...
As I was driving I also thought how grateful I am that I have a GPS so I took this photo of it with my teddy companion ... This teddy has sat on my dashboard for the 6 years I have had my car and before that was in my little red conquest for many years.

 No matter how stressed I am when I see a sunrise I smile and say "Good Morning God, and thank you!!!!"
I am parked outside the Carletonville Branch ... and have already driven 79.4km's.  While looking at the branch I realised that although we have a ramp we do not have a handrail ... I want to send this photo through to the 'powers that be' to see if we can get this addressed.

Carletonville is one of our older street facing branches and it really looks like it is in need of some TLC!!!!
I attended the morning meeting and of course the staff were wondering who was in trouble ~ this is a VERY frustrating part of my job!!!  I then chatted to the manager for a while and the branch was incredibly busy so I left her to do her job.  I drove through to Westonaria and my GPS kindly got me safely there via roads I did not even know existed ;-) and then on to Town Square to speak to a problem child ... When I got home I had driven 192km's.  Although I love driving it is also exhausting but I did enjoy my day and am thankful that I am able to drive and that I have a wonderful and reliable vehicle.  I hope your Tuesday was terrific!!!

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  1. I really admire how brave you are Lynn, driving such distances on your own even in areas not so safe. You definitely have a guardian angel. And yes we need to count our blessings every day.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}