Wednesday, 4 September 2013

It started out as a Wonderful Wednesday!

Yesterday morning I started out at Clearwater Mall ... As usual I got there before Mugg & Bean opened so once they had set out their tables I invited a staff member who gets to work early to join me for a cuppa coffee. We had a lovely chat and then went into the branch where a guy from Card Division did a presentation in the morning meeting ~ I learnt a couple new things which was very interesting.  I then had a cuppa coffee and catch-up with my friend Marian at Woolies CafĂ© (they make a mean cuppaccino!).  She had been on a trip to Bali and Singapore recently and gave me this gorgeous gift ...
The Pashmina is absolutely beautiful so I immediately put it out when I laid out my clothes for tomorrow with black pants and a black top.

I then had a meeting with my area manager Gerhard Delport at the Clearwater Office Park ... he has recently taken over the Greater West Rand Area (Carletonville, Westonaria, Randfontein, Kagiso, Krugersdorp & Krugersdorp CBD) which are branches I have been looking after all along.  This was our first one-on-one regarding his area ... he is a bit laid back for my liking but he is a really nice guy and I think we will get along well.

As I was leaving there I got a BBM from my favourite area manager, Eddie, who asked if I had heard anything about the "changes" in HR .... Huh????????????????????  I asked him to call me but he would not tell me anything as it was something that my boss should be telling me ... I had had a message from her earlier in the day and had asked her to call me back which only happened after 5pm.  I get told that I am needed to take over one of the Randburg Branches and relinquish my Rivonia Arterial Area ... W.H.A.T.!!!??? After all the work I have done with this team I must now walk away and go into another area and start the work all over again ... I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!!! I was in tears after this discussion ... This is not a challenge for me it is just another area that I used to look after and now I have to rebuild relationships, meet new staff.  I felt like throwing a temper tantrum and stamping my feet and throwing myself around the floor ... yes! even at 50 years old that is how I want to react!!!
I was so upset that the work I wanted to do went by the wayside and I sat in front of the TV wallowing in my disappointment!!! and ate that whole Bubbly that you see in the photo while watching Jesse Stone and then The Biggest Loser (how funny is that!!!!).
Oh well ... I guess change is an inevitable part of life.  I am already mourning the loss of this amazing team I am part of ... I miss them already!!!!  Anybody got a job for me???


  1. Gosh...I can feel your disappointment. I hope the bubly made you feel better.

  2. Thinking of you Lynn, Hope you feel better soon and that things work out in the end.