Monday, 29 July 2013

Branch Manager Conference @ Kloofzicht

So here is a bit of what has been going on in my little spot in the world in the past 2 weeks ...
Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th : Branch Managers Conference : Kloofzicht : On the way  I took a photo of the gorgeous sunrise ... yep I am still chasing sunrises and sunsets.
I arrived around 07h30 on Monday as I had to drop the boys off at school.  When I arrived it was around -2.5 and FREEZING!!! This is what Kloofzicht looks like from just inside the property.  The day was filled with many speakers, great lunch and then we booked into our (I shared with Delphine) gorgeous room at around 5.   Dinner was at 6:30 and afterwards we gathered in the lapa for a game ... The game consisted of two tables laden with gifts.  When you entered the room you chose a number out of a bowl.  Number one goes first and chooses a gift and opens it.  Number two then goes and gets a gift and if he/she is not happy with the gift and prefers number 1's gift then you give them your gift and take their gift.  Of course at the beginning it is not so exciting as you don't have much choice but as the game goes on it gets more noisy and people who open the fancy gifts get more possessive over their gifts.  I opened a six pack of beer and I swapped with Sally (one of my male managers) who had swapped his box of matches with Andile who had opened a microwave ... I was not too fazed when the microwave was taken from me for a six pack of mugs which I 'donated' to one of my managers who has just bought a flat at the coast.  There were some unhappy people at the end of the game as they were really bent on keeping the big ticket item they had opened originally.  My opinion ... we went in with nothing so how could we be upset with what we came out with?  The microwave would have been wonderful for us as ours is 22 years old and still running but will need to be replaced at some stage. 
It was wonderful going back to our room where a roaring fire awaited our arrival.  I logged onto my laptop and worked until 12 and then had a rather nice sleep. 
Tuesday ... We had a half day of talks and after lunch we met at an open field for a team building exercise.  Now I usually don't enjoy these things and really wanted to go home but as we were in teams I didn't want to let my team down and at the end I really enjoyed myself.  The cherry on top .... my team won!!!!! 

This is what my car looked like on Tuesday morning ... frozen stiff!!!!

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  1. You definitely beat the storm chasers with your sunrise/set chasing.
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