Monday, 29 July 2013

The boys are back!!!

Thursday 18th :  This morning I left home a bit later than usual as I had an appointment at my Westonaria Branch at 8 ... I even stopped off to get petrol, checked oil & water and even had the tyres checked then drove at a reasonable pace and still got to the branch at 07h20 ... there is NOTHING open in this lazy little town at that time of the morning and it was freezing!!!! and I could really have done with a cuppa coffee. 
The first time I saw the sun was at ....
and this is what I saw. 
After my meeting I drove through to Morning Glen and had a meeting there and on my way home I popped past Wendy as the boys had arrived home in the morning and Connor went there after school.  I could not believe how tall Jarod had grown in the past three weeks and Liam stole my heart all over again!!!!

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