Monday, 29 July 2013

Celebrations : Saturday 27 July

Our family, Courteney's boyfriend Daniel and her friend Daniella were invited round for dinner to wish Liam for his 13th birthday and to say "Happy Travels" to Courteney who leaves tomorrow to live in the USA with her Dad.
Dinner consisted of meatballs & salad, chicken curry, rice & sambals, lasagne and French bread followed by birthday cake, strawberries & cream, meringues, ice cream & home made choc sauce and peppermint crisp tart ... what a feast!!!
I tried to get a decent photo of the kids ... what a challenge to get 6 young people to stop talking and look in the same direction and smile at the same time ..... 

The closest we got to a great photo ... If only Daniel would smile!!!

Noleen and Norma

Mom and Gordon
My hunny
We had a lovely evening filled with great food and lots of lively chatter.  When we left we brought with us an extra little person as Liam came to sleep over.

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  1. See you got the busy 6 all facing the camera in the end, lol.
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