Monday, 29 July 2013

A Tearful Farewell : Sunday 28 July

This morning we rushed out to The Glen to get an adaptor for Liam's gun charger ... we found it at Clicks and then I took the boys to Fego and we had hot chocolate and milkshakes.  Back home as Connor had his next driving lesson.  While he was gone I went to Westpack and then popped past Wendy and had a cuppa coffee.  When I got home the boys were playing with Liam's gun ... it sounded like fun so I asked if I could try it out.

 And those ridiculous glasses made their appearance again ...
Before we knew it it was time to go to the airport.  We waited at the Wimpy while Courteney checked in her baggage.  We had coffee and milkshakes and lots of vibrant chatter which masked the sadness that we were all feeling ... I got everyone to smile for the photos I took ...
The boyfriend ~ Daniel.

The BFF Daniella
The Gran

The Godparents ... Noleen & Gordon

The cuz ... my boy Connor

The family ... Jarod, Liam, Graeme and Wendy
Then came the inevitable ... We had to say "Bye for now".  Courteney gave each of us a hug and then it came to saying goodbye to Daniel ... Oh my word!!!! They both clung to each other and cried their eyes out ~ They are going to work at having a long distance relationship ~Young love!!!!  It was really difficult to see this little person walk away and start her new life ... We are all going to miss her.  It is amazing how fleet footed time is ... this day seemed to be so far away and before we knew it it was here!!!  Another change in our family and another reason to make our trip to America sooner than later.

On the way home Graeme, the Loubsers, the Gladwins and Daniel went to McD's for dinner.  And so came the end of our full weekend.
The Gladwins

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  1. It is so sad that Courtney will be so far away. I don't know how Wendy's heart can hold that.