Monday, 29 July 2013

Boys, Guns & Motorbikes

Saturday 27th ... After a really busy week I was rather exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep late however Connor had a driving lesson at 09h00 so I got up and pretended to be awake and ready for the day ... When he left for his lesson I ran a lovely hot bath and spent 2 hours in there reading my book (A Sweethaven Christmas by Courtney Walsh ... LOVED the trilogy). 
We arranged to take pizzas round to Wendy for lunch as I wanted to be there to help her prepare for Liam's Birthday Celebration and Courteney's Farewell Party.
Liam got an air soft rifle for his birthday and was so excited to show it off to us ... when I said I wanted to take a photo of him he said I should wait as he had to get "ready" and this is who showed up ...

Connor had to try out the goggles.
While Wendy and I went to the shops and then did some preparation the "boys" played with Graeme's BMW which he is restoring.  Here it is off the lift and they are looking at taking it outside to see how it runs ...

 The look of satisfaction after racing down the road and back again!!!

Graeme posted this photo on the WildDog Forum with this 'explanation'... "Too many fumes and not enough ventilation can do amazing things on project days".  My hunny is horrified that I am actually putting these photos on my blog but I think they are too good not to share!!!


  1. Great pictures! Boys and their toys. That's an awesome motorcycle. Kudos to Graeme for restoring it. I completely lack mechanical skill.

  2. Mmm ... boys and their toys ... at least it gives us some free time craft lol.
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