Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A couple of days of mayhem and madness!!!

On Monday morning I had to go to the West Rand so I offered to drop Connor off at Clearwater Mall for the day.  On our way through he managed to capture this spectacular sunrise.  I dropped him off at 07h10 and then spent the rest of the day in two hearings ... fortunately one found not guilty and the other one sadly found guilty and dismissed.  Although I am always happy that the right thing happens I am also saddened when a young person loses their job.
While in the hearing we kept getting messages from my colleague who was back in the office and they were rather 'noisy' to my spirit ... we have a new boss and I am hoping that this rocky patch will pass once she settles in as she seems to be shooting from the hip without checking things out first and is annoying many people.  Thankfully I have not been on the receiving end of her 'incompetency' claims however I will be challenging that when I do have a one-on-one with her as I believe it is rather early to be saying things like that before really getting to know her new team.
Tuesday I was at my desk bright and early and got some work done before the rest of the office came in which then brings along its own distractions.  Fortunately there was a management meeting so we managed to get some peace and quiet until I got a BBM message from my Area Manager to meet him for coffee in 10 minutes ... he was furious with my boss as she had made some comments regarding sweeping changes she wants to make without consulting with anyone first.  So some more noise to unsettle my spirit even more!!!  I finished up what I could and left the office at 3 and fetched my Mom and Connor and went grocery shopping as we were running out of everything.  Connor kept rushing me as he wanted to go to the Trade Station to swap some games so I told him if he helped us unpack the car and pack away the groceries that we could go.  I have never seen him move stuff out of the car so fast and into the cupboards.  Just as we were getting ready to go my hunny arrived home from work and drove with us.  Connor managed to exchange two games and I bought him one which he has been playing since last night and when I got home today I found he had just showered and went directly back to his bedroom ... this is what it looks like when you are engrossed in a new game ...
This morning I decided to go directly to Sandton City as I had a meeting at 09h30 with my Area Manager (Eddie) so I went into hiding at Mugg & Bean from just after 06h30 and got a lot of work done.  When Eddie got there he handed me this gift bag and said "It's just a little something!" ... and this is what I found inside ...

We sat for a while reading the quotes and giggling about the ones that our mothers have used on us and also the ones I have used on Connor ... I am going to give Connor the two bags and ask him to go through them and find the "Mom~isms" that he is so used to and I will then do a page with the title ... "Mom says ... ".

I am now home and decided that I would quickly update my blog and I am going to continue working for a couple of hours and then bake some banana bread after dinner.

Hope your day has been super productive! and is followed by a relaxing evening!!!


  1. Your area manager is a keeper if he buys you awesome goodies like that. When reading about the office politics I know that I will never be able to go back to corporate.

  2. Hope the work situation improves soon. Love the gift, so apt. Looking forward to the mom says page.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  3. Eddie seems like such an awesome person and really puts effort in choosing gifts and in wrapping them, so unusual for a man :) Strongs with the "boss" situation. I really love reading your blog.