Sunday, 7 July 2013


I was at my desk bright and early, as usual.  This is a photo of the clock on my phone at the office ... and this was after I had unpacked my laptop and plugged it in.
The sun was so tired that it hadn't even started to peek it's head out of the covers!!!  It was so cold that as quickly as it rose so quickly it disappeared behind some really scary looking clouds.

I worked hard and fast and then got a mail to say that Connor's birthday cake was ready so I asked my friend Delphine to drive with me to Pretoria to fetch it.  I put the address in my GPS and then called Richard to check which way he would go and he directed me differently to the GPS but I think the way he took us was way better.
I was absolutely blown away when I saw the cake and could not wait to get home to show Connor ... he had no idea that I had ordered a cake for him.  On our way back to the office we got stuck in a traffic jam ... something had happened on the highway but thankfully we got through pretty quickly.  We got back to the office and finished up some work and at 3 I told the girls to pack up and we headed out of the office.
Utter joy!!!

When I got home Richard and Connor were not yet home from fetching a motorbike.  When they did arrive I went outside with my camera and told Connor I needed him to get something out of my boot ... his question "Why do you have your camera?"  When he opened my boot and saw the cake he was jumping up and down and squealing!!! 
The actor Peter Dinklage
The back story to this ... This is Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.  Connor had sent me a picture a while ago with the caption ... Epic Cake!  One morning Eddie and I were having coffee and he asked me if I had a cake for Connor and I said that I was trying to find someone to make a cake for me and he got on the internet, found the picture and sent it through to his friend Sarita and asked if she could do it for me at such short notice.  She is AMAZING! and got it so right.  Thanks Eddie ~ You are a star!!!!  Eddie's attention to detail is so amazing that he even picked up that Connor's favourite colour is red (and this simply from me telling him that Connor wanted to paint one wall in his bedroom red and also the painting we bought at the Irene Market) ... hence the name and 18 in red.  S.C.O.R.E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connor and I spent some time organising the party favours for his birthday.  Richard got a call from Full Throttle at The Glen to say they had some filters he had ordered so we decided to go to Fego for a quick dinner.  At the same time Connor asked Exclusive Books to put aside the box set of books he had his eye on and another book which was on sale which he wanted in hard cover (he had bought the soft cover for R280 and the hard cover was on sale for R108).  We had a lovely dinner and then headed home and had a quiet evening.

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