Saturday, 1 June 2013

Another gift album

I cannot believe that it is nearly the end of the first day of June!!! 

Christmas gift list needs to be made and soon!!! LOL!!!! 
  • However, jokes aside, it is something that I have already started and
  • As I posted a while back ... I have already bought my first Christmas gift. 
  • I will definitely be visiting the Irene Market for Christmas in July to get some more gifts.
This morning I was up relatively early (woke at 05h27 and turned over and snoozed for a bit longer).  Mom asked to go to The Glen this morning and Connor came along to keep me company ... we visited our favourite Fego where I had a latte and he had a Nutella, Horlicks & Honey milkshake with 2 croissants.  I popped into Crafters Market to get a gift for a birthday at the end of the month and also CNA to get some stationery for work. 
When we got home I finished up an album I made for Byron (Connor's best friend) to give his girlfriend Kayla for their 1 year anniversary tomorrow ... I don't remember ever getting an "anniversary" gift from any boy I went out with!!!  Here are the pages ...

This is the cover of the album which I made out of cardboard, covered with paper and adhesive plastic.

This cute little embroidered picture was given to me by my friend Nats.
I love this Tim Holtz heart stamp ~ This is the inside of the front cover of the album
In this gift albums I have typed a lot of the page titles as it is very cost effective.  I love this picture I found on the internet.
Kayla and Byron support different rugby teams and I love these logos I found on the internet.

These photos were from October 2012 when we went to Umhlanga

This is the inside of the back cover.


  1. Your generosity to Connor's friend is amazing. You have put so much love into this work....I am sure his girlfriend was blown away.

  2. Hi Lynette, Thanks for your kind words. She was apparently very happy with it!

  3. This is just too sweet, I would have loved this on my first anniversary!

    Daisy Dayz
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