Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What you do ....

What a powerful quote ... What did I exchange a day in my life for today?  Up early and at my desk by 06h30 ... Coffee with my Area Manager ... Spent some quality time in a session with our Staff Banking people today ~ I was actually not looking forward to it but was pleasantly surprised at how informative it was ... Left the office at 3 ~ dropped Mom at the doctor, rushed through to pick Connor up from school and took him to the dentist and then back to the doctor to pick up Mom ... Then I exchanged 2 hours of my time for some mindless games on the computer (I could have used that time more effectively but what is done is done!!!) ... Dinner ... Prepared banana bread batter and while it was baking watched Elementary with my hubby and plucked my eyebrows (one of my most hated chores!!!).  Now I am ready to drop into bed and tomorrow we do it all over again. 
Going to Randfontein first thing in the morning so I will keep an eye out and hopefully get a picture of the sunrise.
I nearly forgot about this photo that Connor took today ...
The rugby team that Byron plays for were collecting money for their rugby tour at the traffic light outside the school ... Here is Byron (on the right) dressed in an interesting little number.  We told him that we would put some money in his cup if he posed for a picture.
Well, I am going to say "Night night .... sleep tight and sweet dreams!!!"


  1. Lol, Byron was very brave sporting such an outfit in public, but hey it was all for a good cause.
    Wonderful quote and really makes you think about all the time we waste on mindless things for instance like worrying about things we have no control over.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Hi Desire, I was shocked that Byron actually did that but as you say … it was for a good cause. Unfortunately they did not collect a whole lot of money but I guess every little bit adds up.
      I thought exactly the same thing as you … we do waste time worrying about those things we have no control over which is really crazy!

      Thanks for always commenting … Lynn