Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Veggie Tunnels & Report Cards

Today I helped build a Veggie Tunnel at a school in Carletonville ... We met at Randfontein Square and a bus took us through to the school.  We got started immediately and worked really hard and fast next to the learners and community members.  This time we first demarcated the tunnel, filled the bags with riversand, planted the spinach and then erected the tunnel over the bags ... it helped a lot as we were not righting through a little doorway to get things done.  The kids worked really hard and at the end of the day we were all exhausted.  We had a VERY long drive back to Randfonten ... I think the driver took us the extra long route back.  My drive home from Randfontein was uneventful and when I got home I jumped in the bath and relaxed for an hour in the hot water.

Today was also 'Report Day' so when Richard got home we had some tea and then left for the school.  Connor got an average of 50% which was a great result for him.  We stopped past KFC on the way home for a quick celebratory dinner.  When we got home Wendy called to ask if I would like to come around for some butternut soup ~ the bowl of soup I had was delicious ... I was VERY cheeky and took my microwave bowl with to get a take-away for lunch tomorrow ~ I am in the office so it will be great to have this for lunch.  I just finished watching Chicago Fire and am exhausted so I am going to drop into bed as I need to be out the door early in the morning to beat the traffic.
Hope you all had a Terrific Tuesday!!!  Here are some photos of the day ... Starting out with two photos of a gorgeous sunrise in my rearview mirror.
 The spinach plants waiting to be planted.
 Everyone very busy working to get the bags filled with sand.
 Membrey is the Personal Loans Consultant at our Randfontein Square Branch ~ She is a gorgeous lady and I just loved the hat she had on today.
 Joyce (Randfontein Square) and Palesa (Randfontein) are both Enquiries  Consultants.  Palesa has helped at every Veggie Tunnel initiative ~ I think she just likes to get out of the office and sometimes on these days she has to be reminded that we are there to work and not just to have fun!!!
 All working to get the sand into the black bags.
 'Tannie Terrie' as she is known to all of us is a retired staff member who is back at work on contract ... she has a wealth of knowledge and seemed to have a lovely time today.
 Hard work results in very dirty shoes and equally dirth hands.
 The kids love it when you ask to take photos of them.
 Building the tunnel and the tunnel finished.

 Jessica from Clearwater Branch with two of the Community Work Programme members.
 The school.  The AIDS messages are very prevalent in the school.
Julia works in Regional Office with us and with her is my colleague Mandy's daughter Dakota.  Dakota and Nikita have worked on every tunnel with their Mom.  I just love Dakota to bits.

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