Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday ... A truly African experience (Post # 250!!!!)

This morning I was in the office by 06h30 and got a whole host of things done and then I visited Nedbank Alexandra with my Area Manager (I am not keen to go there on my own) and was not impressed by the outside of the "Mall" that our branch is in however when we walked inside they have really nice shops which are beautifully kept and very inviting ... we didn't do any shopping however but visited our staff in the Pick 'n Pay and then had a meeting at the Branch ~ The staff were very happy that we had come to visit them.
I got a huge hug from the team leader Dudu who I have known for a long time and who kept asking me when I was coming to visit them ... she was really happy to see me!
When we left the branch Eddie drove just like the locals ~ they just drive without any worries about anyone coming in the opposite direction and it seems like traffic lights are only just a suggestion as we had two cars drive around us and drive through the red traffic light!  A truly African experience!!!
I was really  upset that I had left my camera in my car ... In the intersection were two goats walking in the road and then another 6 loitering on the pavement with people walking around them.  What a photo that would have made!!!  Next time I go to Alex my camera is certainly coming with me.
I hope you all had a Terrific Tuesday ... I am not feeling great and feel like I am ready to go to bed ... with or without dinner!!!  I am going to take some Coryx and have a really early night.


  1. Love your African experience, where else will you have the same experience. Love the definition of a hug. Hope you are okay tomorrow.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Hi Desire, Thanks for the message. Feeling a bit better and had a laugh again today with the rest of my Managers about my African experience yesterday. As we say "Only in Africa!!!"