Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A boy and a yoyo

This morning I was at my desk super early again (oh actually this is now my usual time to get to work) and I got through a lot of work and then attended a meeting with a staff member who was complaining about something that happened in 2010 ... thankfully her Union Rep cut the meeting short with a suggestion which would sort the issue out. 

I attended a meeting in Sandton City and on my way home, stuck in horrendous traffic,  Connor called to let me know that there was a delivery slip at home from the post office and asked if I would get home in time to go to the Post Office ~ I did not think I would make bit but said that I would call when I got close and they could meet me there.  Richard phoned later to say that it looked like an internal mail delivery ~ I knew Connor would be disappointed as he has been waiting in anticipation for a package which Taryn posted on 8 April which contains a yoyo from The YoYoFactory. We managed to get to the post office by 16h50 and when the guy brought the package through (I was not concentrating as I needed the loo desperately) all I heard Connor say was "Thank You Jesus!!!" ... It was his yoyo ~ I must admit that I was silently panicking that it had gotten misappropriated in the post ~ as soon as I got home I sent Taryn a What'sApp message to let her know that it had arrived safely.  As soon as we got home Connor had it out and here are some pictures of a VERY happy boy and his YOYO ...

I am surprised at how good he is already ... He has been watching a whole host of posts on the internet and I think he had already mastered it in his mind.
I mentioned to Connor that I thought there was going to be a stunning sunset so he suggested we take a walk and see if we could get some photos of it.  We walked round the corner and although these photos do not do the beauty of the sunset justice ... they are gorgeous none the less ...

Hope you all had a wonderful day and I wish you a good night's rest!!!

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  1. Stunning sunset photos. Worth the walk. I mst say the yoyo has brought back fond childhood memories. I waited nearly 6 weeks for some of local econo parcels with a tracking number.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}