Monday, 22 April 2013

A great start to the week ...

After a wonderful weekend I started my week at our new Hyde Park Branch ... they have moved within the centre and the new branch is a refreshing change from the old branch which was sorely in need of some updating.  I got to Hyde Park before 7 and bumped into my friend Samantha ordering a coffee at one of the restaurants so I ordered one as well ... this is the amazing work that the guy who makes the coffee does ...
 It sure makes your day start off on the right foot.
 The angle of this photo is VERY unflattering but my friend Sam looks so pretty so I wanted to share this photo ... this is the first time that I wore corporate wardrobe but I was extremely uncomfortable as with going through menopause I have put on weight and need to lose some of it for the uniform to feel comfortable.

This is the Hyde Park Branch team with our area Manager Eddie Mc Gilton ... who is VERY playful as you can see in the next photo ... Themba just laughs it off.
  Themba (the branch manager) looked very smart in his corporate wardrobe today and was understandably stressed as firstly he could not get from the Gautrain station to the office as our busses are on strike and then when he did get to the branch he had about 30 people in his branch making sure that all the systems were working and instructing and directing things ... It think it was a very trying day for all of them as they were getting used to new systems, new set-up and the usual demanding clients.

Not sure how our clients are supposed to sit comfortably and check anything out on this computer ... This is Eddie showing us how you would work at this cube
When I got back to the office I saw that Delphine was also wearing her corporate wardrobe so we took a photo to show our boss ... Serious diet here I come!!!

Hope you all had a seriously amazing Monday.

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