Thursday, 25 April 2013

Theatre Thursday

The sun was kinda lazy in getting up this morning ~ I was already on Hendrik Potgieter near Town Square, on my way to Clearwater Mall, when I saw this gorgeous sight ...
 I took this photo over my shoulder and am quite impressed with it!!!

I spent the day doing interviews and chatting to staff which is always very fulfilling. On my way home I stopped in at the garage and there was a truck delivering brand new BMW's ... I do not envy the guy who has to move the cars onto and then off of the truck ... just watching him made me nervous!!!
We left home around 17h45 to drive through to Montecasino and the sky looked beautiful ... the sun had already disappeared but had left in it's wake the most amazing swirls in the sky so of course out came the camera!!!

We started off our evening with dinner at Gourmet Garage ~ Connor had a steak which he enjoyed but unfortunately it did not live up to his expectation.  Richard and I had a burger and then the three of us had milkshakes to end off our meals.

 I took this photo of Connor  ^ and then he took the one of his Dad and I.

I really like the decor in the restaurant ... This painting on the all is very well done.
 Connor and my hunny with their food (not sure if Richard had already put some food in his mouth when Connor took this photo!!! LOL!!!)

 Our waiter Keith.
 The manager offerend and we accepted, so we have a photo of the three of us.
 Connor's paraphernalia (Blackberry, I-pod, earphones, wallet and yoyo)... which all landed up in my handbag!!!
 This peanut butter milkshake is classed as "Dangerous" by Connor.
We then saw Jersey Boys (Richard had said he wanted to see the show so I booked tickets) and we loved every minute of it.  If it comes back to Jhb I am definitely going to book tickets again.
I hope Thursday treated you kindly and that Friday is going to be a frenetic free start to a stunning  weekend!!!  I'm off to bed as I have to be back at Clearwater at 7 tomorrow morning.


  1. Wonderful sunsets. Pleased you enjoyed the show. They do say the more spectacular and brighter orange/red the sunset is the more pollution there is. Hope you will have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Blog, Lynn, blog! Love all the posts you've been putting up lately.

    That first image is gorgeous. Great photograph. I'll bet your sister (with her own photography aspirations) will be envious of it.