Saturday, 27 April 2013

Freedom Day

I know that the staff in our branches were very happy that today is a holiday, especially those who would have been on duty today.

The unfortunate thing for most people in Retail is that it was business as usual today ... although for us who were not working it was an absolute pleasure!!!
Alison invited Leonie and I to join her at the Irene Country Market today ... Yesterday she let us know that her brother Robbie and his family might join us.  I had not seen Robbie and Tonia since December a year ago so it was wonderful to see them again.  Connor came along with me and we wandered around the market looking at all the amazing things on offer ... We really love the market and it didn't disappoint today.  I bought some washi tape for my scrapbooking projects, Connor got two bedside rugs for his room and a picture painted by a Nigerian artist (see photo I took) who was there in person selling his wares and I also got a cake lifter for Alison for Christmas (1st gift done!!! and it's not even May yet!!!LOL!!!).  After some lunch (I had a jam and cheese vetkoek and Connor had a beer as he had had samoosas for breakfast) we went to Scrap-a-Doodles and I got some supplies for the wedding album I am doing for Bianca and Ryan (my nephew Nicholas' sister-in-law).  We then did a delivery for my hunny in Pretoria and then home where I had a little nap on the couch.
Here are some photos I took at the market ...

 These two camels were waiting for kids to show an interest in them.

Connor enjoying his beer.  While doing some moves with his yoyo a little American girl came up to him and asked him how he got so good as her Dad has been trying to get good for a year already and he is not as good as Connor ... if only she knows that he has had this yoyo for less than a week!!! 

This is a stunning action shot.

Alison is a super amazing Aunty ... Here she is chatting to Katie who is wonderful to take photos of ... the minute you point the camera at her she stops to smile.  Such a gorgeous little girl. 

  My precious friend Leonie looking gorgeous as ever and me showing that I did not get much sleep last night ... my Mom is away and her dog Bandit slept outside last night and proceeded to bark the whole night!!!
 Connor loved the way the trees meet overhead on the road to the market so I took this photo.

We received an invitation to my friend Terry's 50th birthday party ... Terry and I met in 1976 when we started high school.  We were very close for a long time but drifted away a number of years ago but have recently started keeping in contact again via e-mail and I was really surprised when I got this invitation.  We have a lovely evening but left the party early (around 10pm) as we were all really tired.  So it's off to bed for me and mine ... Sleep tight y'all!!!!

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  1. Such a lovely eventful day. No wonder you were knocked for a six by 10pm. And of course a little retail therapy at scrap a doodles can do no harm.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}