Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday ... done and dusted

Sunday was a lovely day which started off rather gently with me catching up on blogs and e-mails.

The 'bed' before
I have needed to get Connor a new bed for about 2 months now ~ his best friend Byron was visiting and sat down on his bed at the wrong angle and it collapsed ~ it was part of a double bunk which Connor had in his room since he was about 7.  Since then he has been sleeping on the two matresses and has been complianing recently that his hips are hurting which spurred me into action.  I got the boys up (his cousin Jarod slept over on Saturday night) and when they were ready we went to The Bed Shop down the road from us and ordered him an extra-length double bed and a headboard ... he has been wanting a "grown-up room" for a while now so this is the start.  We then went to the butcher, dropped Mom at home and then off to The Glen to get bedding.  It is so difficult to find bedding for an extra length bed but at least we found one sheet at Mr Price Home, a duvet, 2 duvet covers, pillows and a bedside table (with Connor's favourite industrial style).

When we were finished with the bedding shopping I treated the boys to lunch at Cafe Fego ... Connor's favourite place at The Glen where he enjoyed his 'regular' ~ a chicken basket.  My hunney joined us for a cuppa tea as he was out taking Connor's motorbike for a ride.

We spent the evening watching the finals of Strictly Come Dancing (Season 9) and I was delighted when Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani won ~ they certainly were deserving of the Glitter Ball.

Richard's car alarm went off at 4 this morning ~ he had left one of the windows open and something had set the alarm off.  I lay in bed for 25 minutes and eventually decided that I would get up and check e-mails.  I got ready and left the house at 6 and drove through to Sandton City ... I got to Mugg & Bean just after 6h30 and always sit at the window which overlooks the corridor in front of the Branch.  I was having coffee and working on my e-mails when I got a BBM from my Area Manager which said "Window Dresser" and before I could respond to him he was behind me.  We had a cuppa coffee together and then went to the branch and did some work before our 10h00 meeting.  We finished a bit after 3 and I got into the traffic which thankfully was not too bad.

Connor's bed was delivered today and he is delighted with it.
 The bed, before the headboard was added.
 This is Maggie, Connor's bearded dragon who shares his bedroom.
Dad added the headboard and it transforms the room totally. Gracing his bed are some of his favourite things ... the TV control, play station control, laptop, a book (one of his constant companions) and his blanket which he has had since before he was born!  On the bedside table is a cup of coffee ~ another of his favourite things!  In the corner is his wingback covered in special teddy bears and his reading lamp.  He is really looking forward to sleeping in his new bed tonight ... I can see me cuddling with him on weekend mornings!!!

I am now going to watch NCIS and do a couple of rows on the scarf I am knitting.

Hope you all had a magnificent Monday.  Sleep tight!!!


  1. We definitely have a young man who is going to have sweet dreams tonight.

  2. Hi Desire, He is off to bed now and looking forward to a good night's sleep before he goes back to school in the morning. Sleep tight!!!

  3. Well done on the makeover. It's perfect for Connor!

    1. Thanks Ali ... He loves it. Slept REALLY well last night. LOL!