Saturday, 6 April 2013

Photo Shoot

After two busy days at work I was hoping to sleep late this morning but alas I was awake before 5 ~ the alarm was set for 6 so I cuddled with my hunney until the alarm went off ... I got up and made us tea and when he left for work I sat in the study in my jarmies and caught up on the blogs I follow and played a couple of games on my tablet. 
After 10 I thought that I had better get showered and dressed as we had a date with my little sister Wendy to take photos of Connor.  We dropped Mom off at the casino, had a quick bite to eat at the Golden Arches and then visited with Wendy for a bit (I got this cute pic of Liam with me) before setting off for the bottom end of town ... under the double decker section of the M1 highway. 
I was surprised at the number of people taking photos in this area.  There was a group of about 8 photographers taking photos of one girl ... Connor went and found out that they were doing a photography course and this was their practical.

This area is really dirty but has the most amazing graffitti ... just so you know ~ I LOVE good GRAFFITTI!!!  Here are some photos that I took with my little camera ...

My niece Courteney ... She is such a gorgeous child!!!!

OMGoodness!!!!  Check out this model pose!!!

My nephews Jarod and Liam with Connor

I think this one is dedicated to our President, Jacob Zuma!!

I found it so strange to see this Toilets sign as I could not find the said toilets anywhere!!!

Courteney is the ideal model ... she plays to the camera perfectly!!!


My boy looks gorgeous in front of this gate where the circles are filled with stones.

On our way home we fetched Mom at the casino, fetched clothes for Jarod as he is sleeping over and then picked up some KFC for dinner.  While sitting here updating my blog I heard some horrible screaming going on outside ... I could not figure out where it was coming from so I phoned my domestic worker, Sheron, who lives across the road only to find that two guys had tried to hijack our neighbour's (where she lives) car so I quickly phoned the police who took a leisurely 30 minutes to get here.  Now I am going to sit with my hunney can cuddle for a bit and try and get my jangled nerves to calm down.
Hope you had a stunning Saturday.

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  1. Oh wow I am loving this super cool photo shoot. Can see some funky pages coming up. Yip the reality of living in SA is some times harsh. Hope everyone is okay.