Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I started out Monday morning by dropping Connor at school and then getting on the highway to the West Rand as we had a 2 day team meeting at my favourite conference centre ... Olwazini.
On the highway I managed to get a shot of the sunrise ...

Delphine, Mary & Saras.
We started off the day by going on a walk to 'visit' the Lions on the adjoining property.

 We had crossed the river and were walking up the path when I looked behind me and this is the gorgeous sight of the river in the distance.
I had not seen these plaques about the trees before and was pleasantly surprised to see a number of them on our walk.

A natural forest on the property ... amazing!!!

 We were looking at the lions, who were quite far away and bemoaning the fact that we were battling to get any good photos of them when this big boy walked right along the fence and then flopped down and posed for us ... Thanks Mr. Lion!!!
It is amazing at night to hear the roaring of the lions and to know that they are so close by.
I love this gorgeous tree ...
My title for the next photo is ... REFLECTIONS!

 This is the conference centre.  To the right is another similar building which houses the kitchen, bar and dining room.

We were fortunate to have a half day off on Tuesday as our boss had to go to a luncheon.  We worked hard and fast and left the centre at about 13h45.  I picked Connor up from school, came home and had some tea and then went and did grocery shopping.  Spent a quiet evening with my hunny.

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  1. Ah, I see you work for Nedbank. My brother has been in Jhb for years at Nedbank, but was recently transferred to Windhoek.