Friday, 12 April 2013

A sweet little something ... from a sweet little someone ...

This morning dawned grey and cold.  I drove through to meet a colleague at Town Square as we were going to a school to do a presentation.  I got there early (to miss the traffic) and popped into McD's to have a latte and log onto my laptop and do some work ... I am having some problems with getting into the bank's computer system remotely so I worked on some e-mails and enjoyed the delicious coffee they served me.  When we were finished at the school I went through to Sandton City Branch and had a chat with a staff member and then through to our head office where I had lunch with my colleague Delphine and her husband Lucky (who conducted the renewal of our wedding vows) and then Deliphine and I went to a feedback session.  When we were finished we chatted to some of our colleagues ~ whom we rarely see and left there at 3 ~ OMGoodness, the traffic was terrible!!! even so early on a Friday afternoon.
When I got home there was a slip frm the post office to collect a parcel,  so I jumped back in my car and went down to the post office ... thankfully they only close at 5pm now-a-days.  This is what was waiting for me .....

Jo is my nephew Dean's ex ~ whatever happened between them is their business however I love this young lady to bits and we still keep in contact.  Thank heavens for e-mail and What's App otherwise the distance would be a huge huge huge problem.
This was such a sweet thing to do.  Thanks Jo!!!!
This is a cute photo of Jo and her puppy Chewy (named after Chewbucca from Star Wars).
Hope you all had a Frenetic Free Friday!!!  Whoza weekend!!!!


  1. Totally agree, it was a cold overcast and gloomy morning. But I prefer the cooler weather in contrast to the heat. It is such a precious gesture from Jo and those gifts look real yummy.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Hi Desire, Thanks for the comment. Although I also prefer the cooler weather I really don’t like it when it suddenly descends on us … I like it when we get fair warning that it is going to get colder. This was like instant winter.

      Jo is a very special young lady and I adore her!!! Lynn