Saturday, 13 April 2013

Three of my favourite things start with "S"

1 ... Scrap Addicts
                                            2 ... Saturday
                                                                     and      3 ... Scrapbooking !!!

Today is Saturday and four of the Scrap Addicts (Alison, Lynette, Linda and me) attended a Scrapbooking Class at the Wilro Park Baptist Church run by Sharon Coetzer and Lara from Scrapbook 'n Things.  We had a stunningly relaxing day and, as usual, enjoyed each other's company.

Lynn and Linda

Lynette and Ali

When we got to the church we got ourselves a cuppa coffee and immediately started on our first layout ... ENVELOPED IN LOVE.  We had gotten a preview of the layout so I had already planned the changes I would need to make for the layout to suit my photos.
This is the original for the first layout ... 
This is my adjusted layout ...
  This is the original for layout 2 ...
And this is my layout ...
... only thing missing on this layout is the journalling which I will do on the computer and it will be placed under the photo of Byron and Connor. I surprised myself by using the flags on the original layout ... I normally 'ignore' flags on layouts but today I stretched myself a bit!!! LOL!!!!
The booklet on the left hand page has these photos inside ...

I have MANY different types of letters in my stash.  Sometimes I look for a word and cannot find all the letters from the same font so I 'mix and match'.  Here is another example of this ...
I am very happy that I took photos with me so that I came away with my pages nearly completed.  There were a lot of ladies who finished the layouts but have to go home and look for photos to use ... I find that often these layouts remain in their envelopes for ever and a day.  I have a whole host which I need to choose photos for and am planning on doing that next weekend when I scrap.  This evening I am going to do some preparation for next weekend's get-a-way so that I get the maximum benefit of completed pages.
 Hope y'all had a Stunning Saturday!!!


  1. Lovely layouts and your finished versions are beautiful. Totally agree re scrapping with photos at events, otherwise one loose interest afterwards or just dont get round to finishing them.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Hi Desire, I am usually pretty good with finishing off layouts I do in a class but I really like to come home with a finished layout.

      When our group of girls goes away in June I am taking all my photo-less layouts with and I am going to get them done.

      Hope you have a Stunning Sunday. Lynn