Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekend Roundup

SATURDAY ~ We met my friend Michelle and her son Kyle for breakfast this morning at Clearwater Mall.  Connor and Kyle, who are born on the same day although about 8 years difference in age, get on really well and have so much fun when we go to the mall for breakfast.  We sit down and order, then they disappear.  Come back, eat ... disappear again.  It gives Michelle and I a lot of time to catch up which is wonderful and they have the freedom to go and look at as many boy things as possible without their mothers rolling their eyes!!! LOL!!!!
Michelle and I both LOVE Danielle Steel.  I have been collecting her books for a VERY long time and have read every single one of her novels.  I decided that I need to let go of my collection of her books (+/ - 80 books) as I need more space for my scrapbooks.  I told Michelle about it and she was horrified.  I asked her to let me have a list of the books she has and I sorted out mine and took the books she doesn't have (40+) to breakfast with me.  I had to take them in a rolling crate as they weighed a ton.
I am so happy that my precious books have a new happy home.
When we were finished at the Mall we went past Wendy to fetch Liam as he was sleeping over.  We came home and fetched Mom and dropped her at the Casino and then popped past Byron (Connor's friend) to say "Hi!"and on our way home got some pizzas for dinner.  We spent a quite evening at home.
SUNDAY ~ Up earlyish and out the door to work from 10 - 1 at our Sandton City Branch.  I did a bit of shopping after work and we left the mall after 2.  On the way home we stopped in at the Golden Arches for some lunch and then on home.  The boys had some fun together and at 4 we took Liam home and had a cuppa coffee with Wendy and Schatzie and I looked at the photos Wendy took at my birthday ... Can't wait to scrapbook those for my records.  We spent a quiet evening in front of the TV watching Strictly Come Dancing.

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