Friday, 8 March 2013

T.G.I.F. 8 March 2013

Where oh where did the week go to???
I got up immediately when the alarm went off this morning as I wanted to be out the door by the latest 06h20 as the traffic is getting increasingly busier earlier in the morning and my nerves as getting weaker and weaker by the day to handle the traffic.
When I walked into the kitchen to make tea for the family I glanced outside and could see that there was going to be another spectacular sunrise ~ unfortunately I cannot actually see the sunrise if from our house but the colours in the sky are an indication of what is happening out there.
As I drove down the road from my house I started to get really excited to see exactly what the sky had in store and although the sun had risen quite high in the sky already this is the gorgeousness that greeted me at the top of the hill ...

and so started the work day for me.
The traffic wasn't too horrendous and I got to the office at 06h45.  I worked really hard and fast until 09h30 when I left to go to a Recognition Brunch for my Rivonia Arterial Area at Life Grand Cafe @ Hyde Park Shopping Centre.  We had a wonderful time filled with good conversations and great food (I think the staff who were invited felt well recognised for a job well done!). When I got there I ordered a Latte and this is what I got ...

 My meal of choice was french toast with marscapone cheese and berries ... delicious!!!
Back to the office and worked until 4 and then braved the traffic back home.  This evening has been a gentle evening consisting of dinner, watching Ellen and then working on the computer as I want to get all my photos up to date and sort out what pages I need to scrapbook.

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  1. It's fun hearing about your day and life. That sunrise was beautiful.