Simplify Life
"Life doesn't have to suck...DO something about it!" -Jennie Mustafajulock-Julock
Do you frequently feel overwhelmed? If so, here is a 4 step method to help overcome these feelings of anxiety.
Step 1:
Use a notebook to keep track of your daily routine. Every time you start to feel overwhelmed make a note of the activity that you are doing when this starts to happen. Do this for a week.
Step 2:
Next take 10 mins to review your notebook. Look for similarities or patterns. Is there a certain activity or activities that make you agitated?
Step 3:
If possible stop performing the activities that causes you to feel overwhelmed. If that is not possible, look for ways to delegate the tasks. This could be with coworkers, family members, friends, etc. If the task can't be delegated, try to automate it. It might be as simple as using a computer program, but find a new approach to attack these tasks.
Step 4:
Remember, no worries, be happy! Life is good, you can do the tasks you set out to do!