Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sunrise and Sisters Dinner

This morning as I was pulling out of the driveway I looked to the left and the sky was an amazing colour and I knew that when I drove up the hill a beautiful sunrise was waiting for me.  I stopped my car and jumped out to get my camera out of the boot and I am so glad that I did.

Unfortunately the photos  don't do the sunrise justice .... It was SPECTACULAR!!!! 

I had a good day at the office ... got through a lot of niggly things and left the office at 3h50 as I needed to post a letter to an ex-staff member ... I was so glad that I got those 10 minutes head start in the traffic as when I left the post office it was POURING and I would have been stuck in horrendous traffic.

2nd Wednesday of the month = SISTERS DINNER
Being Noleen's Birthday Month she chose the Promise Grill in Meyersdal Mall for our dinner.  Norma phoned to say that she wasn't going to join us tonight as she is really not well (booked off work with the flu and on very strong anti-biotics) but as it was such late notice we decided that the three of us would still go out.  We had a lovely evening filled with good food ~ Wendy and I had a steak dinner and Noleen chose fish & chips and we finished off with ice cream and bar-one sauce (which was delicious!) and a cuppaccino and we chatted up a storm, as usual.  My camera was in attendance as well and here are my gorgeous sisters and me.

 Hope you all had a great day ... sleep tight!!!

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  1. Wow, beautiful colors. I admire your decision to pull over and enjoy the sunrise.

    It's always fun to see pix of your sisters. (It lets me play a game in my head where I pretend I'm related to you!)