Friday, 8 March 2013

25 - 26 February 2013 ~ Branch Managers Conference

Our new Regional Manager arranged a 2 day Branch Manager's Conference at Olwazini (the bank's conference centre) in Muldersdrift.  I was very thankful that we could stay over ~ firstly because I REALLY love Olwazini and secondly because I was not looking forward to driving back home after a long day of speakers.  I picked my colleague Delphine up at home and we had a pleasant drive through to Olwazini.
The day was filled with the Area Managers presenting information on the strategy and our plans to achieve the strategy.  At the end of the day we checked in ~ I could have gone straight to bed but we had drinks followed by dinner to attend.  When I got to my room around 8:30 I was exhausted but could not get to sleep so I watched the Oscars ~ I actually enjoyed Seth McFarlane as the host and felt so sorry for Jennifer Lawrence when she fell up the stairs.  Gone are the days when there was an escort for the ladies when they got to the stairs ... of course my boy Hugh Jackman jumped up to help her.  I was very sad when Hugh didn't win in his category and was delighted when Anne Hathaway won in hers.  Through all the recent awards ceremonies I have fallen in love with Ben Affleck and was very happy that his movie won ~ he seems like such a nice guy.
This is the sight that greeted me on arriving at my room ...
And this is looking out the bedroom door ...
Tuesday was filled with more information and we managed to leave by 3h30 and missed the hectic afternoon traffic.
As much as I enjoy Olwazini I was happy to get home to my boys.

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