Friday, 8 March 2013

2 March 2013 ~ A lovely day to scrapbook

My friend Alison and I attended a charity scrap day at the WilroPark Baptist Church and completed two lovely pages ... I stole these photos from Alison's blog ( as I haven't photographed my pages yet. 

 The left hand page has a booklet which will house a lot of photos ~ I am going to use this page to do Connor's 18th birthday phots in July. (I changed out the floral for something more boyish.)

My page is a bit different from this one of Alison's ~ I think I will use this page to do our February and March sisters dinners photos.

Flylady put out a challenge for the 40 days of Lent ... To clear 40 boxes in 40 days. 
Being a relatively organised person I don't have 40 boxes to sort out so I have been looking for 40 things to do in 40 days ... I started with my scrap table which was in an absolute uproar.  I worked while watching TV and sorted all my storage boxes in the pigeon holes (sorted, wiped down, put back).  I also took out those things that I know I will not use and have put them in a bag to donate to a small nursery school down the road from our house.  I will add to this when I continue tomorrow.

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