Friday, 8 March 2013

23 & 24 February 2013 ~ A busy weekend

SATURDAY : Today is our monthly Scrap Addicts get together.  Alison and Linda joined me at home and we had a lovely day and got quite a bit of scrapping done.  We went out to the nursery to have banana caramel pancakes for tea (unfortunately the service was not great today so I was a bit embarrassed) and then we had hotdogs for lunch. 
Richard met Jacques on the Wild Dog Forum.  He lives in Ellisras and arrange to come and have some parts fitted to his motorbike and to go for a ride.  We invited him to stay over with the proviso that he didn't mind sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the study.   He arrived around 10 and they got busy and then Graeme met them at the house and they went off for a ride. 
The boys were not yet back when the girls left so I quickly got myself ready for the Regional Recognition function being held at The Dome in Northgate.  It didn't take me long to get there and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the room looked.  Unfortunately one of my staff from Carletonville collapsed outside the venue so I went out to check on her and missed the announcement of the awards but I did know who was on the list having worked on it during the week ~ I would just have liked to see the people's faces when their names were called.
I stayed long enough to chat to everyone, had a starter and a dessert and then left to come home as I was scheduled to work at Westgate Branch on Sunday.

 This is my gorgeous friend Samantha ... their team came as Fancy Faces.

The Regional Team came as the 1920's ... I kinda fitted in with my feather boa from the Rivonia Arterial Team.  My colleagues looked really beautiful.
SUNDAY : I was up early to give Jacques coffee and cereal before he left to meet his wife in Pretoria.  I got the boys up (Byron stayed over last night) and on our way to Westgate.  The boys trawled the mall while I worked and Richard called later in the morning to check if we were still going to Reader's Warehouse at Lifestyle Garden Centre and we arranged to meet him there.  We did some book shopping and then had lunch at the Silver Birch Hotel.  I was really not feeling well so when we got home I lay down on the couch until dinner time.  I watched Strictly Come Dancing and put the results show on PVR and went to bed.

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