Sunday, 17 February 2013

Catching up

Richard and his friend Mitch planned a trip to Nelspruit, Swaziland and then home via Piet Retief, Amesfoort, Standerton, Balfour. 

They left our house at 7am on Friday morning and their first stop was Dullstroom for lunch and then on to the Formula 1 in Nelspruit for the night.  Yesterday morning they had breakfast in Barberton ~ my Gran lived in this town at some stage in her life and my Mom scattered her ashes there many years after she died.  They then rode into and through Swaziland to their overnight stop in Piet Retief and then home today.

Can you believe that you have to pay a Road Toll to ride on roads like this?  Go figure!!!

My Sunday news ...
After my parents tumultuous marriage ended my Dad married Phoebe and they had a daughter Jenny.  When they divorced Phoebe and Jenny moved to Brits and Phoebe remarried and Jenny was adopted by her new husband.  I think the adoption really broke my Dad's heart and as a result he did not stay in contact with her as much as he should have.

I was only 10 years old when Jenny was born and had come to live in Johannesburg with my Mom and also did not keep in contact with her.  I remember spending a holiday with Jenny in Durban one year when we were kids and then seeing her again at my Dad's funeral ~ I always wondered how she was and what she was up to.  We made contact through Facebook recently and decided that we would meet today for a catch up.  We met at Jasmyn in Haartebeespoort and then followed her through to their place in Kammelsdrift ~ Jenny and her mom own run a place called Ons Plek Country Kitchen.  We had a lovely afternoon and Connor got on famously with Jenny and her friend Louisa ~ they spoke about movies and books, two of Connor's favourite subjects.

I look forward to seeing her again soon.  I took my camera with but we were so busy chatting that I totally forgot to take photos!

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