Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sisters Dinner ~ 13 February

We decided on Cafe Rossini in Meyersdal Mall as the venue for our dinner this month.

Being the day before Valentines Day gave us the perfect "excuse" to give each other little gifts ... my gift was a white mug with red hearts on it filled with liquorice toffees and a sachet of cuppaccino.  Noleen gift of a box of shortbreak was the perfect accompaniment for the coffee. 
Wendy gave us a red rose, heart shaped container with jelly beans (the bottom of the container is a heart roller stamp) and a nougat.

The food and service were great and we had a lovely evening filled with much laughter.


  1. Aaawww... I love seeing you gals together.

    (Is it okay for me to wish I was one of your sisters?!)

    1. You can be an honourary sister!!! When are you going to join us for dinner?

    2. Oh we would most definitely make an exception for Mz Ally if she were in town!

  2. Please could you send me these photos - the full size ones please. Please.