Saturday, 16 February 2013

Happy 30th Birthday Chanel!

Chanel is my ex-brother in law's niece who I have known since she was a VERY little girl and I have always loved her. She is tuning 30 on the 26th and invited us to her birthday party today. The venue was The Living Room which is a very hip rooftop "garden" which is in the Maboneng District of downtown Johannesburg ~ This area used to be a "no go zone" but a developer is attempting to transform the entire area into a fully integrated, mixed-use community and a comprehensive mixed-income residential offering. Maboneng is the Sotho word for "place of light".
Unfortunately the lift was not working so we had to lug the food up 5 flights of stairs!!!

The venue is a semi-outdoors venue so smoking is allowed everywhere and I was shocked to see how many young people smoke and smoke a LOT!!!  Then add to it the mindless noise young people call music and my head was reeling.  Now usually I would "stick it out" but today I decided that I would do what was good for me so Connor and I left and visited the golden arches of Mac Donalds for a burger and a sundae.
When we left Chanel was having a ball and I hope the rest of her evening was very special for her and I hope that the next 30 years will be more special for her than the first 30!!!  Stay as sweet as you are!!!!


  1. What a lovely lady! That's great the two of you are still friends. (I'm scratching my head trying to figure out your familial relation.)

  2. She is not family as such ~ she is my younger sister Norma's ex husband's niece. She is such a lovely young lady that we make sure we keep in touch.