Thursday, 20 December 2012

Peace ...

I think all of us crave that amazing feeling of Peace ... I can feel it descending on me as we roll towards the end of the year ... I know my last post said I felt like I was on a roller coaster but I was lucky enough to find the brake pedal and pushed it with all my might and it seems to have slowed it down to a bit.
The start of the slow down happened when we had our annual Scrap Addicts Christmas Scrap-a-thon at the beautiful Maison Bordeaux ~ I was super excited when we got there and found that our precious Joyce was still working there.  I got there ahead of the other girls and unpacked, organised myself and started scrapping ~ Ali was next to arrive and we unpacked her stuff, had coffee and then waited for the other two to arrive.  We decided that we would open our gifts on Friday night in case there were items we could use on the weekend so after a delicious dinner of home made chicken pie, boiled potatoes, green beans (which Ali HATES and I LOVE) and a green salad followed by a cold cheese cake (now I normally do not eat cheesecake but have decided that I need to be a bit more adventurous and thoroughly enjoyed it) we opened our gifts and we each got a wonderful array of goodies from scrapbooking items to hand cream, a table cloth and a lovely coat rack.  We then got back to scrapping and as I had had a really busy week I was in bed by just after 10pm.  The rest of the weekend was full of chatting, scrapping and good food.
>  I worked on the photos which my sister Wendy took at our vow renewal and got 33 pages done ~ I think they are really beautiful and had a lot of fun dong them.

Another part of the slow down was when I realized that most of my Christmas gifts were sorted and all I had to do was wrap them, post a card or two and then the delivery begins.  I have a couple of bags sitting at the front door which will be delivered by the end of this weekend.
Another thing which has brought me immense peace ~ I sat down and wrote a list of all the things I need to get done before the end of the year ... one by one I have been completing the items like drawing up my domestic workers contract/sign on register/payslips for 2013 / putting files in place for my 2013 budget / new 2013 files for petrol claims / updating my birthday book for 2013 / getting January birthday gifts sorted and knowing that all gifts for December are sorted / paying accounts early / cleaning out and updating my Thingz To Do book.   Each one of these things brings with it a bit more peace.  The other day I was at the chemist and decided that it was as good a time as ever to update my make-up ~ I do this every December ~ and then I couldn't decide if I should unpack the stuff or not ~ sooooooo what did I do? 
Today we had our team Christmas Lunch (we went to Tasha's in Rosebank and I had the most divine peanut butter and pecan nut milkshake, lamb cutlets, frozen yoghurt & imported cherries and a cuppaccino) and then to round if off we got to go home early.  When I got home I decided that I needed to sort out my necklaces and cull a couple of items and then I moved onto the drawers in my wardrobe ... got rid of one toiletry bag, and then cleaned the drawer which houses all my make-up etc.  I got rid of the 'old' stuff, cleaned the drawers and re-organised everything culling as I went along.  ANOTHER thing off the To Do List!!!

Some other highlights of the month so far ...

We (my Rivonia Arterial Management team) got to visit the Kloofzicht Spa (I wrote about Kloofzicht in September) for our year end function ... we had breakfast, a foot massage, a hand massage and then a full body massage and lunch and relaxed around the jaccuzzi.  A WONDERFUL day was had by all.
On 12 December we had our monthly Sisters Dinner and as it was Norma's birthday she got to choose the restaurant and she chose Rossi's which we have frequented a number of times lately and we had a lovely evening of laughter, great gifts and good food. We had been invited to lunch for Norma's birthday on 15th and had to tell a couple of white lies about why we hadn't brought her birthday gifts with. Chanel (Norma's niece) and Helen (one of her friends) had invited her to lunch at their house and asked us to join them as a surprise for Norma ~ They did a really good job of keeping her in the dark about the lunch until she arrived at the house. We had a lovely afternoon and Norma got spoiled rotten ~ which was nice as she always spoils other people.

On 14 December I was invited to go along with my Jozi West Management team to their year end function which was a trip on a river boat on the Haartebeespoort Dam ... we had a very relaxing day and the only unfortunate part was when the bus we were traveling on broke down about two blocks away from the office.

This is a rather long post but I thought I had better put some of this down in writing as my sister Noleen asked me today if I am ever going to post anything again ... so Nols ~ hope you enjoyed this post!!! 


  1. sounds like an accomplishment!!

    1. Thanks sweet girl. Each time I get something done and can tick it off the list (and even some stuff that is not on the list) I feel a little more peaceful.