Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I honestly feel like I am on a rollercoaster that is out of control and running downhill and I can't find the brakes or a way to get off ~ I guess it happens to all of us at this time of year ... however I will count my blessings and these are some of them ...
Last week Monday and Tuesday I attended our Region's Branch Managers Conference at a beautiful venue ~ Khaya Ibhubesi.  It is about 125km's from my house and I drove through without the radio on and had a lot of time to chat with God and be mindful of the experience of driving and the beautiful scenery we have in our country.  We stayed over Monday night and had a Casino Royale themed evening with three professional croupiers who kept the party going.  On the property they have three lions in an enclosure who are very well looked after. 
On Saturday it was our monthly Scrap Addicts get-together.  We were wanting to visit the Irene Market but it rained from Friday night right through Saturday ~ And with the market being open aired it would have been impossible for anyone to peddle their wares.  I felt really sad for the vendors who would have put in a lot of work the whole week only to be disappointed on Saturday morning.  I was also hoping to get 2 Christmas gifts that I am battling to figure out and I can't make it this weekend as Alison and I are going to a scrapbooking class which we booked a while ago.  We did however visit Scrap-a-doodles and I got to tick another Christmas gift off my list.
Sunday morning was spent with my friend Marian ~ they have bought a house and she took us around to have a look at it.  They are moving tomorrow (wish I was there to help) and I will go around on Sunday to see if there is anything I can help with. 
Sunday afternoon was spent at Bradley's birthday party (my niece Gina's son).  He is the cutest little blond haired boy but sadly he doesn't know me at all as we never see Gina except at Noleen and Gordon's (her parents) birthdays.  I am always saddened at how families drift apart.
Monday I spent the whole day in the office (7am - 6pm) and then worked a bit after dinner as well and managed to get through most of my e-mails and felt a bit more in control yesterday morning when I started my day.  I visited my Kagiso Branch in the morning and then went through to Town Square to deal a grievance by a staff member who has a horrible attitude (I may one day be fired for beating an employee to within an inch of their lives!!! LOL!!!) but thinks she is untouchable.  I then went to Hyde Park Branch and ended the day back at my office for 2 hours to get some printing done and leave some documents for my boss as today I am off to Florida and then Sandown to handle another grievance.
On a ligher note, I am about 90% finished with my Christmas shopping.  I want to start wrapping the gifts and delivering where I can.  I am also looking forward to next weekend when it is our Scrap Addicts Christmas weekend ~ I need to put in some serious preparation (print photos, work out layouts, etc) for the weekend.  I will start tonight.
That's it for me ... Have a stunning day and I will pop in and chat again real soon.


  1. Hope your week gets better Aunty Lynn and that life slows down a little!!
    I love you alot