Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dear Diary ...

what have I done in the past couple of weeks that is worth sharing with you?

22 December ~ Richard, Connor, Alison and I had dinner at Maestro @ Gold Reef City Casino before seeing Barry Hilton (South African stand-up comedian) and he was fantastic.

23 December ~ Scrapbooked with Alison and Leonie at Ali's house ~ worked a bit more on our Anniversary album.

24 December ~ Took Connor for breakfast at LifeStyle ~ we were supposed to meet Connor's godmother but she had a problem with her geyser so we popped past her house after breakfast to drop off Christmas presents and also wish Khrystyn for her birthday on 27th.  We then popped past the Rheinicke's house to drop off gifts.

25 December ~ Christmas breakfast at Noleen's house.  Sat through a 5 hour power failure.  Went to dinner at the Wimpy on the R59 with Richard, Connor and Byron.

27 December ~ Had coffee with our friend Shorts ~ Surprised her by inviting Richard (who she calls Mr Handsome) and Connor with.  We had a lovely catch-up at Mugg & Bean in Killarney.

28 December ~ Was the only person in the office today ~ felt like a poor cousin as there wasn't even milk in he kitchen for the few of us who dared to come into the building!!!  So I had to drink choco milk (hot chocolate) from the vending machine.  I spoiled myself by reading my book for a while during the day.  I also got a whole host of jobs done in the office ... Go Me!!!

29 December ~ A rather productive day today ...
  • Connor and I went to Evaton West to visit my friend Emily and her daughter Pretty to drop off their Christmas presents.  Emily used to be our tea lady in our previous building and we built up a lovely friendship.  Pretty's name certainly suits her as she gets prettier each time I see her. 
  • Went to Al Fresco's for lunch ~ wanted to check it out as I booked Sunday lunch for my birthday on my friend Michelle's recommendation and I was not disappointed.  It is a family venue with a lovely outdoor area where the kids can play and we will have tables under some HUGE trees.
  • When we got home I was really tired and I decided that instead of wasting time that I would tackle a job which has been on my "To Do" List since 1 July 2012 ... Thank You notes from our vow renewals.  With some concerted effort I got them all done and am delighted to be able to tick that off the list.
30 December ~ The last Sunday of 2012!!!
  • Although none of us like to work on Sundays I had 'signed up' to work at Sandton City Branch today and when I woke up this morning I faced the day with the attitude that I was going to make a difference in someone's life today ... and I think I got it right a couple of times during the 3 hours that the branch was open.  When we closed up the branch I was really happy to have been there. 
  • When I got in the car I saw that I had missed a call from my sister Wendy's cell so I called back and she said that my niece Taryn (who is visiting from America) wanted to speak to me ~Taryn asked if I was finished working and if I wanted to come and have coffee at their house ~ of course I jumped at the opportunity to see her (she has been in SA for a couple of days and her Mom took her to BelaBela for some much needed Mother/Daughter time).
  • We passed by MacDonalds and got Connor some nuggets for lunch, phoned Mom and asked her if she wanted to come with ~ she omitted to tell us that she was at the Casino so we came home and then had to go past the Casino to pick her up and then on to Wendy's house.  Taryn is as gorgeous as ever and it is wonderful to see her again ~ It is one day shy of 2 years that we have not seen her!  It is difficult to believe that in 5 days she will have been in our lives for 22 years and I can clearly remember the day she was born!
  • While we were visiting Keenan (Wendy's ex) and his wife Elaine dropped the kids off ~ they have been on holiday with him for the past 2 weeks.  Keenan's flight back to America was at 8 tonight and it was wonderful to see him for a few minutes and meet his wife and see how she interacts witht he kids ~ she is a really nice lady.
  • On the way home we popped past Nando's and got chicken for dinner.  And so the end to the last Sunday of the month is here and I decided to finish it off by updating my blog.  So "good night for now and see you again sometime soon!!!" I better get to bed as I am working tomorrow and hope that I remember it is Monday when I wake up in the morning!!! LOL!!!!

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