Saturday, 17 November 2012

Hello ....

Hi, it's me ... Lynn.  Remember me??

I really love blogging however one night when I sat down to share my news of the day my blog would not allow me to load my photos ~ this just put a block in my mind.  It even affected me to the extent that I have hardly taken photos since then ... This has made me extremely sad and tonight as I sat here in front of the computer catching up with all the e-mails in the in-box I thought I would pop on over to my own blog, after reading those that I follow, and say "Hi" to those people who do read my blog ... Thanks Michelle, Jo and Ali for querying what was going on.

I have had a busy couple of weeks and another busy month ahead ~ I even had to send my darling hunny an e-mail with everything happening so that he could put it on his calendar. 

Today I had the most amazing day with my friend Alison ... she is exploring ways of living a more creative existence (she is one of the MOST creative people I know!!!!) and sharing that creativity with other women.  She invited her sister Caron, her friend Fiona and myself to a Heart Map Retreat ... We did journalling (questions posed about what we want more of/less of/what small steps we can take to get there, etc.), a wonderful meditation where we relaxed our whole bodies to the voice to Daniel Goleman, and then a craft project where we made a Promise Book ~ this project was two fold ~ something creative and also something which makes you really think ... we always make and keep promises to other people and often break the promises we make to ourselves.  In our promise book we wrote ourselves promises ... some of mine read:-
I stamped the saying "Sometimes on the way to our dreams we get lost and find a better one"and then wrote ... I promise to keep "auditing" my dreams and being open to new dreams.
I promise to love my life ... one day at a time.
I promise ...
  • To rest when I am tired and not push thru!
  • To take time out to pamper myself
  • To be kind to me and everyone who crosses my path
  • To rediscover the wonderful, soft, feminine me.
It was a wonderful experience and I came away feeling exhausted but fulfilled. 

Before I left home this morning I made a hairdresser and beauty salon appointment for tomorrow ... these are two appointments I have been wanting to make the whole week and now it is at emergency levels.  I am looking forward to some pampering tomorrow and also to my hunny returning safely from his motorbike trip ... they rode down to Golden Gate National Park yesterday afternoon and then today did an out ride into Lesotho, had lunch in Clarens and then dinner back at Golden Gate.  I love that he has something that he really enjoys doing ... We all need a hobby!!!
Now I am going to jump into bed and get ready for a lovely day tomorrow!  Sleep tight y' all.


  1. What an insightful day you had! Those are all great ideas.

    Happy to see you back. I hope you got my thank you on Facebook for your wonderful gift and card. I took a picture of your gift and created a blog-post for it which will go up in 2-3 days.

  2. Yay!!! Welcome back to blog land! So glad that you enjoyed the mini retreat at my home. Love you to the moon and back