Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wrap Up of the Week

I really can't even remember where all the days have gone and now Monday is nipping at our heels again.  Sooooo .... what can I remember of the past week???

Monday I spent the day in the office.
Tuesday ~ I had a chat with the staff at Hyde Park followed by two disciplinary discussions then on to Rosebank where I did a further two ~ although I love this part of my job it is really exhausting at the same time.
Wednesday ~ I had a full day of interviews with the Branch Manager at Westgate.  He treated me to a Wimpy burger at lunch time followed by a do'nut with ice-cream!!
Thursday ~ I visited Flora Centre Branch for the Magical Mornings Meeting and was pleasantly surprised to hear the news that the Branch Manager had given birth to her baby boy the evening before.  She was only due to go on maternity leave at the end of the month but this little man was in a hurry to join us.  I then popped past the post office to collect some parcels, picked Connor and Byron up from school and went through to my Illovo Branch.  We sat in horrendous traffic on the way home and I was totally exhausted when we walked in the front door.
Friday ~ I attended a Team Leader Session followed by a hearing for a guy who stole a lot of money from the bank.  Fortunately he didn't pitch for the hearing.  I left the office at 4 and the traffic was a breeze!  Connor and Byron went to movies and we waited up until 10 to fetch them.  I did some packing for my scrapbooking date with the girls and slept like a log.
Saturday ~ up and about and out the door by 7:40 (which is seriously late for me!!!).  Had a lovely drive through to Alison's house and Leonie was already there.  When Lynette arrived we did a tour through the newly cleared garden, had coffee and then got down to some serious scrapbooking.  We stopped for a lunch of Spaghetti Carbonara accompanied by one of Leonie's designer salads and topped off with a fresh strawberry cheese-cake made by Alison ~ I am not a fan of cheese-cake but this was like a light and fluffy mousse.  I ate every single last mouthful!!!!   Our friend Pat popped around to see us and before I knew it it was time to pack up.  I watched Eat Pray Love and then dropped into bed around 11.
Sunday ~ this morning Connor and I went for a drive with Richard to fetch a motor-bike in Tarlton which he needs to service.  We stopped off at Fournos for breakfast and then passed by the plastic shop to get bubble wrap and tape for products that Richard has to post/courier.  I popped over to Noleen for a cuppa coffee and have been wasting time since I got home ~ I have so many things that need my attention and I just dont have the energy to get started!!! So now that I have said that I am going to get my bum up off this chair and go and do at least one thing!!! 

Hope you have all had a stunning weekend and that the week ahead treats you really well.

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  1. Life flies by, doesn't it? Last I remember, I was young and handsome. Now I'm old and... well, old!