Sunday, 5 August 2012

8 July

 Richard had planned to ride to Val today and had put out his plan on Wild Dog. He was up early and when he left the house it was bitterly cold and overcast. When he got to the Blockhouse he called me to let me know that no-one else had arrived and because it looked like it might rain he was going to do another ride and suggested we meet at The Circus for breakfast ... I didn't think that was a good idea as all the seating is outside. We then agreed on LeeWays. When I woke the boys Connor was delighted to be going to one of his favourite places. When we got to LeeWays we found that the coffee shop was closed for renovations and the next best place was Fego Cafe at The Glen ... I had a flapjack stack with bacon and banana ... YUM!!! Connor, Byron and I then visited The Zeemans in the afternoon ... Norma was also there and Wesley and Dean arrived a bit later. We had a lovely afternoon filled with much laughter due to Wesley and Dean's antics.

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