Saturday, 7 July 2012

Good Shepherd Retreat ~ Part 3

24 June 2012 : I came downstairs to put on the urn and checked in on my bunnies ... they are soooooo cute.  I then got ready for the day and packed my clothes and brought my stuff downstairs.  When Ali came into the room I showed her my bunnies but didn't say anything about the one sitting on her desk.  She was absolutely delighted when she found it.  Here we are with all 3 of them.
We had a lovely breakfast and then got back to our scrap tables to get some more work done.  Richard called me to tell me that he had gone out riding with a group of guys but that his bike was giving him problems and could he come to the Retreat and wait for me to finish up and then drive home with me.  I didn't tell the girls that he was coming and they were surprised and also delighted to see him.  I made him tea and there was some fresh boston bread which he devoured as he hadn't eaten.  I suggested to him that he take my car home and come back with his car and the trailer to tow his bike home.  He did that and we carried on scrapping, had lunch and much to our amazement we had steak, mash potatoes and veggies with tinned fruit and custard for dessert.  We carried on scrapping and then reluctantly started packing up. When Richard got back Connor was with him and he helped me pack the car ... and then it was time to say "Bye girls, thanks for a STUNNING weekend and can't wait for the next one!!!"

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