Saturday, 7 July 2012

Good Shepherd Retreat ~ Part 2

23 June 2012 : I was up early and had a lovely shower and got ready for the day.  I got downstairs and did some scrapping before  breakfast. 

When we got back from breakfast Linda said that she needed to go to the photo shop to collect some photos she dropped off yesterday and Alison asked her to get us some more bottled water.  Alison then commented that we were having coffee and the cake that Pat had brought us at 10h30.  We don't normally have a 'formal' coffee break but I never thought anything about it.  When Linda got back from the shop Alison filled up the urn and we were all standing around waiting for it to boil and it was taking a long time so I decided to go and empty all  our dustbins.  When the urn had boiled we all made a cuppa coffee and I was the last one to walk outside onto the verandah and when I did I saw all these gifts on the table and was totally confused and worried that I had forgotten someones birthday (although I know the exact date of each of these ladies birthdays) ~ I was confused and asked "Who is this for?" and they all looked at me like I was crazy ... "It's for you!!!" was the answer. 

Alison had said that she wanted to arrange a bridal shower for me for my 25th Wedding Anniversary but I never got to tell her who she should invite or what I needed so Linda  asked my Mom what I needed and Ali's brief to all the girls was "something for the house, a pamper item and something naughty". 

In between each gift I had a mouthful of the most amazing cake and a sip of coffee ... Thanks Ali!!!!  I feel totally spoiled by my amazing friends.  Here are some photos to share ...   
My gorgeous friends ... Ali, Leonie, Lynette, Linda and Pat


Pat giving me directions on how to use the "magic wand" she gave me in the 'naughty' part of her gift!!!

How spoiled can one girl get!!!!???  Here are all the gorgeous gifts I received.   These are the home items ...
 And here are the pamper and naughty items ...  

Pat made me a booklet with a messge from each of the girls and two or three of their favourite recipes.  What a wonderful gift!!!

Here I am with some of my 'naughty' items on ...
I posted this picture as my BBM profile and my son's response was "That's sick Mom" and my sister Noleen "You look like one of the Village People".

Before we knew it, it was time to go for lunch and the "guessing game" started again ... we were all surprised when we got to lunch and it was roast chicken, roast potatoes, peas, carrots and flan for dessert ... this is the lunch we look forward to having on a Sunday.  They had totally confused us!!!  Now the big questions is "What are we having for lunch tomorrow???" 
 We speny the afternoon scrapping and chatting up a storn.  I was just finished doing a page about our last visit to the convent and the stunning sunset when Alison called us outside to look at the sunset ... As usual it was spectacular!!! and a photo shoot ensued.

There are a number of cats that live at the Retreat and when Linda went to the shops Ali asked her to get some cat food ... This little visitor who had been given food earlier decided he wanted more food and was trying to figure out how to get into the packet of food ... we had such fun watching him.

After lunch Pat did a lesson on how to make beaded flowers (which I immediately used on a layout) and Ali taught us a trick with ink, water and paper and I made some gorgeous tags which I used in two of my layouts.
Dinner time came around fast and Lynette guessed correctly ... Boerewors which was served with pap (much to the delight of my friends however when the lady serving dinner saw my face she went to the kitchen and got me some potatoes.) 

All the ladies stayed up quite late but one by one they admitted defeat and went to bed.  Lynette stayed with me until 1am and then went to bed.  Leonie had a pack with her which had the cutest little rabbit in it and her and Lynette had made one each so I decided that I would like to make two of them and then I decided to make one for Alison ... here they are ...
I retired at 02h10 and slept really well once I got warm.


  1. Holy cow! I was just thinking we haven't heard from you in a while and then, BAM!, lots and lots of posts with lots and lots of exciting news. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post! Wish we were back there now. It was awesome. Thanks for my bunny!

  3. Just reading your post again, seeing all the photos, brings back such nice memories of such a splendid weekend, which I really enjoy. Thanks for the invite once again.