Friday, 6 July 2012

20 & 21 June ~ Kloofzicht Lodge

At work I look after two business areas from a Human Resources perspective.  In my one area, Rivonia Arterial, I am always included in everything they do.  The area manager, Edward McGilton, arranged a two day break-a-way for the team to Kloofzicht Lodge.  This was my first visit and definitely will not be the last.

20 June 2012 : I started out early, as always, and stopped at the Caltex Garage on Hendrik Potgieter Street to fill up my car with petrol.  As I was driving out of the garage I had to smile as there was Caltex Bunny encouraging people to pop into the garage.  Fortunately there were no cars behind me so I waited until he turned around to take a photo ... and I even got a little wave from him!!!  What a nice way to brighten up a cold winter's morning!!!

When I arrived at the gate to Kloofzicht I had no idea the beautiful drive that awaited me ... it takes approximately 8 minutes driving at 30km's per hour to get from the gate to the conference centre.  There are animals along the way and I even saw Pumba!!! although he was not in the mood for a photo shoot and he disappeared.

I was expecting it to be freezing cold and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't.

This is the view from the verandah in front of our conference room!
 We had an interesting morning reviewing our areas performance to date, working out how to do things better.  Lunch was a lovely buffet and then it was back to the conference room for some more strategising.  I presented to the team around Performance Management and really enjoyed the interaction.  Eddie kept teasing everyone about the 'stip down activity' that was happening at the end of the day.  I had heard that we were going to have a massage and I was so hoping that it was true.  We all quickly booked into our rooms and then met back at the conference room and took the short walk to the Spa ... I was so excited as I had been wanting to go for a massage for a long time.  We were booked for a head, neck and back massage ... ABSOLUTE bliss!!!  The girl who did my massage was wonderful and did such a great job of releasing the tension in my back.
 Here I am in their luxurious gowns with Eddie and Carin who is the manager at our Sandown Branch.
After our very relaxing visit to the spa we all went to our rooms to freshen up for dinner.  We had a stunning time and only left the dining room at 10h45 and strolled back to our beautiful rooms.  I thought I would work for a while but this bed was calling my name so I relented and snuggled down and had a really good night's sleep. 
21 June 2012 : When I woke up this morning and looked at the time I decided to snuggle a bit deeper into the covers and have a lie in (which I don't normally get to do on a week-day morning).  I got up at 06h35, showered, dressed and packed up my stuff and left the room at 07h15 to go for breakfast.
I dropped my stuff in the conference room and while walking to the dining room I caught this glimpse of the sun peeking over the mountain ... and then I never saw it again the whole day!!! I guess that is why is is much colder than yesterday.  We were joined at breakfast by our Regional Manager, Lance van Wyk, who added a lot of value to the session with his input.  We were all surprisingly energised after his visit and continued through to lunch and then after lunch we did some planning and left the venue around 3:30.  The drive home was wonderful as there wasn't much traffic and I was really happy to get home to my boys.

PACKED AND READY TO ROLL!!!  When I got home we had dinner, popped round to Graeme and Wendy and then I had to get ready for the weekend.  This is me ... packed and ready to roll!!!
The striped basket is my clothes for the weekend and the rest of the stuff is my scrapbooking stuff ... yes you can see where my focus is!!! LOL!!!!

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