Saturday, 7 July 2012

Good Shepherd Retreat ~ Part 1

My special friend Alison organised a weekend getaway for us to Good Shepherd.  I have been looking forward to this weekend as I really need some dedicated time to get some serious scrapbooking done. 

22 June 2012 : I went to work early this morning and got some things done and then left to meet Eddie at Hyde Park to have a discussion with one of our staff.  We finished a bit early so we went and had a mocca chocca at Seattle Coffee Shop and had a lovely chat. 

I left Hyde Park at 13h00 and drove through to Good Shepherd.  Pat had arrived just ahead of me and I quickly unpacked my car and got the urn going so it would be ready when the other girls arrived and unlocked the bedrooms.  They had allocated the "naughty nuns" room to us again and as I really don't like it I decided that Linda and I would share a room.  The "naughty nuns" room is off the kitchen downstairs in the convent and it has a double door and although it is a nice large room with an on-suite bathroom it gives me the creeps!!!  I prefer us to all be upstairs near each other.
Leonie was the next to arrive and I helped her unpack her car, put her suitcase in her room and we got the heater going.  It was not as cold as we had expected but the heater is really necessary for the room to be at a comfortable temperature.  Alison and Lynette arrived next and we helped them unpack and then Linda arrived ... We each got a cuppa coffee and sat outisde and did some catching up and our normal 'what's for dinner' guessing game. 

We had to explain to Pat what was going on as this was the first time she had joined us at Good Shepherd.  The "What's For Dinner Guessing Game" involves us guessing what we will get for dinner and lunch as we know that there is always porridge, cereal, egg (poached one day and fried the next), a protein, toast, tomato, fruit and good coffee for breakfast.  Tonight we had spaghetti ~ which was one of our guesses and although the meals are always basic they are filling and absolutely delicious.  
When we got back to the Convent after dinner Alison handed us our gifts (we each buy 2 gifts for each lady and Alison gets us a 'gift bag/box' ~ This time it was a plastic crate). We got all kinds of scrapping goodies and it felt like Christmas!!!)

Our gift box's content
 I stayed up until 01h10 and fell into bed but couldn't get to sleep but once I did I slept very well.

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