Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's Been A Week Again ... Sorry!!!

I can't believe that I didn't get to update my blog the whole of last week so I made sure I caught up tonight. 

I have a really good week ahead ... tomorrow I am starting out my day by taking a staff member for coffee to do an exit interview.  Tuesday I have a performance management meeting with another staff member and then Wednesday and Thursday I am away with my Rivonia Arterial team at a break-away meeting at the beautiful Kloofzicht (never been there before so am really looking forward to it) and then on Friday afternoon we go away for our scrapbooking weekend!!!  All in all it's looking like a really great week.

Hope you have all had a stunning weekend and looking forward to a productive week.


  1. Good to hear your report. Do you guys celebrate Father's Day in your country? It's here this weekend.

  2. Cancel that -- I just read your other post. Sorry I didn't see it beforehand.

  3. Looking forward to our weekend away as well........ xxxx