Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Monday turns into Tuesday!

Yesterday morning I started out my day by doing an exit interview with a staff member and we had a wonderful chat about what she is going to do when she leaves the bank.  It is really amazing when someone leaves because they are going to follow their passion and not because they are angry with the bank as their employer. 

On my way back to the office I was eventually able to take a photo of one of the houses along Empire Road which has grafitti painted on the front wall ... There are a number of houses along this section of the road in the vicinity of the University of Jhb which are student residences whose front walls are painted really well.  I would love to find one of these guys to come and paint Connor's name on his bedroom wall.
I started off my day in the best possible way today ... I had breakfast with my friend Michelle.  She was running a bit late so I caught up on some e-mails while I waited and then we ate flap-jacks and drank cuppaccinos.  We chatted up a storm and then unfortunately had to go to work.

I cannot complain about my work day at all today ... had a productive day spent mostly with my area manager Eddie and then finished off with an after work appointment at the beauty salon ... I have been desperate to have a pedicure for weeks now and eventually bit the bullet and phoned today and they could see me at 4.  I had painted my nails the other day with my new Essie nailvarnish (ChinChilli) and took it with me to the salon ... here is a picture of my nails ~ so now my toenails match my fingernails!!! My feet are freezing as I had to wear sandals after the appointment.  I also got some waxing done so there is something else off of my 'to do' list.

I am now going to pack for the next two days and will catch up with you all on Thursday when I return from my break-away at Kloofzicht ~ sooo looking forward to a good two days with my Rivonia Arterial Team.


  1. Just love that colour nail polish, really beautiful, Lynn. And it is very good to spoil yourself as well, from time to time.

  2. Hello Lynnie, I'm afraid I can't quite get the hang of signing into your blog - if this comment uploads I'll be amazed!

    I have just caught up on all your blogs - a lot of which you had mentioned during our recent lunch - not that IT got a mention at all - thank goodness I'm not that childish that I would say anything - oops did I say that out loud? Ha ha! Just kidding!

    I am so looking forward to seeing you & Richard & all your family on 1 July as you celebrate your awesome Wedding Anniversary! You guys are such an inspiration to those of us not so lucky- not that you've only been lucky in your achievement - a lot of love & commitment has also been a part of your success, I'm sure!

    Love you my dear friend!

  3. Well well, I never - i seem to have got the hang of it after all! I meant to make a comment on your new hair cut - awesome!