Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers Day 2012

During the week I asked Richard what he wanted to do for Fathers Day and he said "Nothing" which loosely translated means "I would like to work in my garage" ... After nearly 25 years of marriage I can translate what he says pretty well!!!  

So I was hatching a plan and when I got out of the shower I called the hairdresser to see if I could get an appointment ... 11am they said ... so I suggested that I go to the hairdressed while Mom does the shopping she wants to do and Richard meets us at The Glen at 12 for lunch!  That lets him get some work done in the garage and gets one thing off my 'to do' list and Father's Day lunch sorted!!! 

When I was dressed I decided that I had to do the dreaded eyebrow thing ... so I sat down in front of the computer to read my Flylady e-mails (multi-tasking!) and Pam Young's message said "you can listen to this message and clean a drawer or pluck your eyebrows getting two things done at once" ... how did she know I had brought my mirror and tweezers into the study with me????  So I did just that!  Another thing off my 'to do' list!! 

I had a lovely time at the hairdresser and because he was running a bit late I suggested Connor and Mom meet Richard at the restaurant and as soon as I was finished I hot footed it up to the restaurant and we had a lovely lunch.  And, as usual, the camera was there ...
 The gorgeous reason we are called parents!
 My hunny and I ... and me with plucked eyebrows and a new haircut.
 Grandson and Grandmother

Connor had his usual meal of a chicken basket with extra chicken strips.  This comes with chips and a jalapeno chilli which he never eats ... until today!!!  "If I eat half of this chilli will you give me half of the money for Diablo 3?"  So, not thinking he would actually do it I said "Yes".  Then the next question came "And if I eat the whole thing?" "Well then I will buy you the game".  I think he is still battling to get the chilli out of his system!  But obviously the desire to get the game was stronger than the fear of the burn!
This is him re-enacting the eating of the chilli with our waitress Ruth looking on and then downing some Fanta Grape to try and put out the fire in his mouth!!!
But he recokons this game is all worth it!!!  And the worst thing for him is ... he can't play it until tomorrow afternoon when he is finished his Civil and Maths exams ... Gotta have something to look forward to!!

And then I took this photo of my 'competition' ... the Blackberry which seems to govern my husbands mind and fingers!!!  Each time the thing beeps it is picked up and checked.  Last weekend Connor put all three the phones in the centre of the table at breakfast and said "The first person who touches their phone pays for breakfast!" and Richard was the first one to touch his phone however I ended up paying for breakfast!!!  I guess there is worse 'competition' out there than a cell phone!

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  1. Looks like you had fun, especially the jalapeno chilli story. I once had a taste of this, and boy, my mouth was on fire.... for a long time