Sunday, 17 June 2012

16 June 2012

It is weird to think that today 17 years ago was the first day of my maternity leave.  We have been having a discussion at work about people who have none or only one maternity leave and also people who do not use all their sick leave ... we believe these people should get some kind of benefit because of that!!!  I think I need to take this a bit further!!!  LOL!!!

This morning we went out to Edenvale to Full Throttle as Richard needed to get some stuff for the bike that he is servicing.  When we left the house the sun was trying to peek through the clouds but wasn't succeeding.  I had to take a picture of the sky ...
We popped into Sunrise Sweets on our way back home and I spoiled my boys with some of their favourite sweets.  On our way home I got an SMS from my friend Marian who had booked a Mexican Cooking Class for her and I to attend but she couldn't make it and the restaurant said they couldn't change the date so she suggested that Connor and I go and spend some time together. 

Connor took on the challenge and we drove through to Greenside and arrived at Karma ~ not having been there before we were not 100% sure that we were at the right place although the fact that there were tables and cookers set up on the balcony of the restaurant hinted that we were at our destination.  We went inside and waited for the rest of the people to arrive and then we got started ... Firstly, there were chef hats for each of us (with both of our names spelled incorrectly!) and an apron.  We were each given 2 recipes, a bit of instruction and then it was go, go, go.

Connor very busy measuring ingredients for our first dish which was Guacamole which was part of a nachos starter which two other couples were preparing.

Our second dish was Chilli Beef which had Connor boiling and then frying beef where he struck up a lovely conversation with Russell who was there with his wife.  We were a bit concerned that our dish was not turning out right however with a bit of patience it came out perfectly at the end.  I was very proud of how well my boy worked.
At the end of all the cooking we went inside the restaurant and had lunch ... ALL the dishes are placed on the table and everyone tastes all the dishes.  We left there around 4pm and Connor has decided that this is something that he would like to do again and include some of his friends.

Unfortunately all the chilli and garlic in the food did not agree with me and the headache that I had woken up with intensified and resulted in me having a close encounter with the toilet and then a lovely hot bath to try and soothe all the aches.  I don't think I will be cooking Mexican food anytime soon!!! LOL!!!

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  1. This looks like you and Connor has some great fun. Another MasterChef in the making.