Sunday, 17 June 2012

2nd Wednesday of the Month ...

is Sisters Dinner.

Today Connor spent the day at his friend Byron and at lunch time he sent me a BBM and asked what time I could fetch him ~ only to find out that he was starving so I ordered pizzas to be delivered to them ~ he was delighted.  I fetched him after work and when we stopped at the traffic lights where we turn right to go home he commented "wow! beautiful sunset" so I made a u-turn at the traffic lights and captured this gorgeous sunset ...

So tonight was our monthly sisters dinner ... we tried a new place called Taj which Wendy and Graeme had discovered.  I found out that I am less of an Indian food fan than I thought ~ Noleen and I ordered Tandoori Lamb Chops and they were strangely grimy (can't think of another word for it).  I enjoyed the company but the food not so much.  As usual I had my camera with me and when I look at this photos it seems like I didn't get the memo about the black and white striped tops!!! 

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